“Tomorrow is here” in the words of the man himself: Mr. Rajan Handa

Date:- 24 Oct 2018

The age of smart mobility is fast approaching and all stakeholders invested in automotive and allied industries have to gear up to meet the challenges of the future to be compliant with the impending BS VI norms. At OK Play tomorrow is already here. We have already transformed the market with our range of well-designed EVs. However, as thought leaders we are not content to rest on our achievements but are constantly trying to identify and resolve those issues that are preventing many businesses from embracing smarter and more eco-friendly modes of transportation.

With more than 6 million 3-wheelers, India is the largest 3-wheeler market in the world. There are tremendous opportunities for eco-friendly electric vehicles as viable replacements for vehicles running on fossil fuel, especially in the last-mile connectivity segment. Ecommerce companies, gas companies, and other businesses offering home delivery of their products are still sticking to traditional, inefficient modes of transport.

The main problems preventing them from shifting to existing EVs are:

  • 1. Prevalence of lead acid batteries
  • 2. Poorly designed vehicles
  • 3. Lack of preventive maintenance or after sales service
  • 4. Poor technical knowhow

All these factors result in unreliable and costly investments for prospective businesses.

To solve these problems and build more confidence in EVs, OK Play has conceptualized a revolutionary, business model which we call Rryde. In this industry-changing plan we rent out our 3-wheeler EVs at nominal rates to businesses instead of selling them. Further, the Rryde plan includes a host of technology-based services that would result in efficient, cost-effective, maintenance free and emission-free e-mobility.

The advantages of the Rryde plan are:

  • 1. Hassle-free upkeep and maintenance
  • 2. 24 hour Service on Wheels
  • 3. Constant and high mileage over the entire lifespan of the vehicle
  • 4. Charging stations with battery swapping mechanism
  • 5. IOT enabled telematics that would provide a range of services such as OTA updates, customized analytics, weather prediction, vehicle history tracking, push navigation, route optimization and much more.

The benefits of the Rryde plan are equally supported by the superior quality of our EVs. Our EVs have the following unmatchable features when compared to more traditional goods carriers:

  • 1. Made of damage-resistant engineering grade plastic
  • 2. Greater load carrying capacity
  • 3. Greater stability
  • 4. Greater maneuverability
  • 5. Cost effective
  • 6. Environment friendly

We believe that we are playing the role of the catalyst in thrusting India to the forefront of smarter, safer and more sustainable modes of transportation. Our constant innovations and R&D is directed at ensuring that tomorrow is really here and we are prepared for it.