Power of Plastic

We examined the existing three-wheelers and electric vehicles, spoke to their drivers and concluded that their metal bodies must be improved upon. The material of choice was plastic. The reasons are clear:

OK Play Plastic Bodies

  • Latest Technology
  • Rust-free
  • Lightweight Higher mileage
  • More durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Rounded corners, no sharp edges
  • UV stable fade-proof colours, attractive

All Metal Bodies

  • Ancient Technology
  • Easily rusted
  • Heavy, bulky Lower mileage
  • Less durable
  • Troublesome
  • Metal jagged edges, sharp corners
  • Dull, ugly

Experience counts

With our extensive experience in plastics, we were perfectly positioned to select the best raw materials and moulding technology for our electric vehicles. We created a fine-tuned balance of fuel-efficiency, safety, comfort, durability and easy maintenance while, keeping the cost affordable.

The strength and flexibility of the raw material and our experience in moulding technologyled to the specialised designs of our electric vehicles. For instance, we added a hydraulic tipping mechanism to our garbage collectors, so that the driver can control the container from his seat.

Our loaders come in two heights and the ingenious design makes them very easy to open, load and shut. Our vending carts can store and sell anything – fruits, vegetables, groceries, medicines, stationery, even street food. We can customise a vehicle to enable the owner to even cook and serve food from his OK Play electric vending cart.

There are many such instances.

  • Crash Test

    Our electric vehicles are designed to withstand immense oncoming force. In this test, our rickshaw withstood a crash from a tractor and there was not a single scratch on the vehicle.

  • Fire Test

    The material used to design our rickshaw is high grade and boasts of various characteristics, one of being resistant to fire. We have tested our products to claim the same by placing them in fire and the results are visible to all.

  • Load Test

    Ok Play rickshaws are designed for the Indian Customer and deployed as ready to take the load to support our consumers. Here we have showed how our rickshaws are designed to take immense load and does not buckle under it.

  • Hammer Test

    The plastic and other material used in the making of the rickshaw is of high grade and stringent quality check are made to ensure that only the best is delivered to our customer. Hammer test is one of them, where our material is beaten hard with a metal hammer and still remains sturdy.

  • Impact Test

    Our rickshaw can withstand sudden impact in times of calamity without buckling under the pressure. Watch the video to see the result of impact test done on our vehicle parts.

  • Surface Treatment

    We use world class surface treatment techniques to treat any cracks or impacts faced by our vehicle. Once the surface treatment is done, there is no prior evidence of any harm caused to the vehicle owing to any circumstances.