At OK Play, the design element is given highest priority just as the technology aspect. We know that our products will be used day in and day out, often under difficult conditions.

Our objective is to make life easy for our customers. Safety, comfort and aesthetics must blend to create a flawless product.

Design Stage 1


We begin with brainstorming and in-depth discussions. These lead us to generating rough sketches that put our ideas on paper. The basic outer shape and the silhouette are sketched from various angles and scrutinised carefully. After many iterations and revisions, we arrive at the final sketches.

Design Stage 2

Line Drawings

The pencil sketches are then converted to line drawings, where we begin to see what the product will eventually look like. These form the basis of the technical drawings that will be used to manufacture the parts.

Design Stage 3


This is where the vehicle really comes together. Storage space in the rear, rib plates on the roof, smooth and rounded edges for complete safety and comfort, handles, flooring and so much more. We anticipate what the users would need and design every millimetre of the product with meticulous attention.

Creativity, skills and technology

Our in-house team of designers is 25 members strong and they have graduated from premier design institutes of India. They are as strong on concepts, ideas and the big picture as they are on implementation, detailing and aesthetics. They use the latest high-end 3D modelling software for photo-realistic product development.

Our Tool Room is equipped with the latest equipment, supported by sophisticated CNC machines that achieve precision prototyping and product development.

Once the design is finalised, then near-realistic prototyping is done to evaluate it and spot any design or operational flaws. This is then revised until the perfect prototype is in our hands.

The next step is to make the moulds. Our mould unit is equipped with over 15 high-end European and Japanese CNC, VMC and Wire Cut machines. Over the years, we have developed the knowledge and capabilities to produce moulds of the highest quality cost-efficiently and within short time frames. This advanced level of technology and human skills makes the clear differentiator and gives us a strong competitive edge.